• The Inner Hall: we have a huge living room located in the center of the farmhouse; flanked by a large window through which we can appreciate the entire impressive field of vineyards that surrounds us. Integrated into the living room is the dining room, it has a long table topped by a small fireplace. The hall itself is divided into two zones: - In the first we find a structure of sofas surrounding a television. - In the second we see such a structure repeated but around another fireplace; making the living room a warm place and an exceptional meeting point.

  • The kitchen: It is a perfectly equipped kitchen, which has modern instruments for the preparation of any type of dishes.

  • The Old Tower: In the old part of the house there is a small cabin that was one of the areas that has preserved its original classic features.. Up there is a warm little library, where to take refuge in search of total tranquility and isolate yourself even from the sound of small wild birds.

  • The rooms: We have 4 double suite rooms. All of them have a modern bathroom inside. The accommodation capacity is 8 persons, although it can be extended up to 12 if the client wishes through extra beds.

  • The terrace: near the rooms is a small terrace, ideal place to relax on one of our sun loungers and count the tireless number of stars that appear to the eyes.

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